A corporate communication program for the real world.

After working for a few years in a field like journalism, media relations, government relations or risk and crisis communication, you are likely ready to advance your career. As you look at higher-level job opportunities, there are communication and problem-solving skills that organizations in your industry seek but many potential hires don't have.

The MACC program is designed to help bridge this industry gap by equipping you with the conceptual knowledge and practical skills to be effective communicators and leaders. As you gain new knowledge and skills in the program, our in-house career advisor and coach is here to help you map out your path toward your next career destination.

Career and Salary Outlook for Corporate Communications 

Employment in media and communication occupations is projected to grow from 2022 to 2032, and will result in about 114,300 new jobs per year. (Occupational Outlook-US Bureau of Labor Stats)

Career Titles on Experience Level

  • Entry-Level 
    • Potential Titles: Communications Specialist, Media Relations Specialist, Public Relations Specialist 
  • Mid-Level
    • Potential Titles: Communications Manager, Media Relations Manager, Public Relations Manager
  • Senior-Level 
    • Potential Titles: Director of Communications, Director of Media Relations, Public Relations Director, Chief Communications Officer 

  • Median wages (2022): $60.40 hourly, $125,620 annual
  • Employment (2022): 105,700 employees
  • Projected growth (2022-2032): Faster than average (6%)
  • Projected job openings: 7,800 per year

  • Median wage (2022): $32.42/hourly, $67,440 annual 

  • Employment (2022): 297,100 employees 

  • Projected growth: faster than average (6%) 

  • Projected job openings: 25,800 per year

  • Median wages (2022): $62.50 hourly, $130,000 annual 

  • Employment (2022): 191,600 employees  

  • Projected growth: Faster than average (5%)  

  • Projected job openings (2022-2032): 15,500 per year    

Job Boards

Due to the vast array of career opportunities available in the field of Corporate Communication, this list of potential job titles only scratches the surface of what you could choose to (achieve/pursue/do) with an MA in Corporate Communication from CU Boulder.  

  • Communications Specialist
  • Corporate Communications Specialist
  • Media Relations Specialist
  • Public Affairs Specialist
  • Public Information Officer
  • Public Information Specialist
  • Public Relations Coordinator (PR Coordinator)
  • Public Relations Specialist (PR Specialist)
  • Government Affairs

Potential Search Terms for Corporate Communication

  • Corporate Communication PR
  • Strategic Communication
  • Integrated Communication
  • Organizational Communication