Level up your skills with standalone course opportunities and gain the knowledge and expertise that is applicable to you. You may choose from any of the classes offered by the Applied Computer Science Post-Baccalaureate program provided that you are able to meet course prerequisites. This is a non-degree option, which means you can enroll in computer science courses for credit without being a degree-seeking student.

This option is beneficial if you:

  • are seeking professional development,
  • need to complete prerequisite courses for a graduate program,
  • want to explore or need more time before committing to the full degree program,
  • missed our application deadline.

If you choose to enroll in the degree program at a later date, the standalone courses may transfer and be applied to your degree. Learn more about transferring credits.

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Career-relevant coursework for professional advancement

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Flexible courses to fit your schedule


Complete your fall/spring course in 16 weeks & your summer course in 12 weeks


Non-degree classes are offered in partnership with CU Boulder’s Division of Continuing Education. Students may enroll in any of the classes below and should register for section 750 (750 sections are available for non-degree students only). On-campus students pursuing a Computer Science degree are not eligible to enroll in the Continuing Education sections of Applied Computer Science Post-Baccalaureate classes in the fall and spring semesters.

 CSPB 1300: Computer Science 1: Starting Computing

​ CSPB 2400: Computer Systems

​ CSPB 3104: Algorithms

​ CSPB 3308: Software Development Methods and Tools

​ CSPB 3022: Intro to Data Science with Probability and Statistics

​ CSPB 3287: Design and Analysis of Database Systems

​ CSPB 3702: Cognitive Science

​ CSPB 4122: Information Visualization

​ CSPB 4622: Machine Learning

​ CSPB 2270: Computer Science 2: Data Structures

​ CSPB 2824: Discrete Structures

​ CSPB 3155: Principles of Programming Languages

​ CSPB 2820: Linear Algebra with Computer Science Applications

​ CSPB 3202: Intro to Artificial Intelligence

​ CSPB 3403: Introductions to CyberSecurity for a Converged World

​ CSPB 3753: Design and Analysis of Operating Systems

​ CSPB 4502: Data Mining