Published: Jan. 31, 2024

Image of a girl sitting outside an academic building working on a laptop on her lap.The University of Colorado Boulder is pleased to announce the launch of the CU Boulder Online website, designed to provide learners with a learner-focused, digital gateway to access online educational opportunities offered by the campus.

The CU Boulder Online website connects a global community of learners and helps them navigate a diverse portfolio of online programs based on their academic interests, career objectives, and learning preferences. It also provides information for online learners to access support resources such as academic advising, tutoring, and career services to help learners reach their full potential. 

At launch, the website features eight online undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as 14 certificate and professional education programs from the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Engineering & Applied Science and the Graduate School. More online offerings will be added from other schools and colleges later in 2024.

“For us, 'public' education means inclusivity, accessibility, and preparedness in every aspect,” says Robert McDonald, Senior Vice Provost of Online and Extended Education. “CU Boulder Online stands as a portal of opportunity, offering individuals from around our region and the globe access to our diverse and comprehensive academic programs and services.” 

CU Boulder Online is a product of the Academic Futures initiative, which envisioned the university expanding its teaching excellence through a spectrum of educational modalities from blended learning to online and distance education. CU Boulder Online addresses the first of four priorities outlined by Provost Russ Moore in the campus’s 2022 online and distance education strategy by focusing on the development of online programs and credentials for working professionals that blend faculty expertise and research-based best practices with flexible designs to meet learners where they are.

CU Boulder Online is an extension of the University of Colorado Boulder administered collaboratively by the Division of Continuing Education and the Office of Academic Learning and Innovation and overseen by the Senior Vice Provost for Online Education. The launch of the CU Boulder Online website represents the next phase of ongoing efforts by these campus units to consolidate and improve administrative support for online graduate and professional development programming. Since 2021, the Division of Continuing Education successfully migrated the Applied Computer Science Post-Baccalaureate program from CU System’s “CU Online” initiative back to the CU Boulder campus as well as launched the Outdoor Recreation Economy program and the Master of Arts in Corporate Communication. At the same time, the Office of Academic Learning and Innovation office launched the Master of Science in Computer Science and the Master of Science in Data Science programs in partnership with Coursera.  

“CU Boulder Online will leverage the best of our faculty expertise to provide meaningful learning experiences for a new generation of learners outside of the university,” said Moore. “I want to thank Vice Chancellor for Academic Resource Management Ann Schmiesing, Senior Vice Provost of Online Education Robert McDonald, Continuing Education Dean Scott Battle, Executive Director of Academic and Learning Innovation Randall Fullington, the Continuing Education team, and all the working groups who came together to develop CU Boulder Online from concept to execution over the past few years.”