Published: Sept. 19, 2022

Headshot of Georgina MirandaThe Outdoor Recreation Economy (ORE) program is pleased to announce the launch of its newest graduate certificate, Inclusivity in the Outdoor Recreation Economy. The Inclusivity in the ORE graduate certificate focuses on developing a more welcoming and inclusive outdoor recreation economy and expanding access to the outdoors to everyone by offering students tools and strategies to effectively lead the transition to a more equitable outdoor industry. Students enrolled in the certificate will learn global best practices in inclusivity through coursework, resources and access to thought leaders who are guiding global organizations to a more diverse and inclusive future. The first course in the certificate will be taught in spring 2023 and the full certificate program will launch in fall 2023.

The first course, OREC 5021: Foundations of Inclusivity in the Outdoor Recreation Economy, will be taught by Georgina Miranda, a social entrepreneur, adventure athlete, international speaker, consultant, activist, and founder and CEO of She Ventures— a social enterprise unleashing the untapped power of women around the world in business and life. 

Georgina is the daughter of immigrants from Central America with Indigenous ancestry and was raised bilingually in Los Angeles, California. She considers herself a global citizen having worked with organizations across six continents and lived in various parts of the world. Despite severe asthma, Georgina is on her way to becoming one of less than 20 women in the world to complete the Explorer’s Grand Slam—scaling the highest peak on each continent and skiing to the last degree of the North and South Pole. Three expeditions remain, as part of this activism project. Georgina currently serves on the board of 1% for the Planet and uses her voice and adventures to advocate for women’s rights and equality, climate change, and mental wellness.

“The upcoming course, Foundations of Inclusivity in the Outdoor Recreation Economy, will help students understand that cultivating inclusive environments is a daily practice and way of being,” Miranda shared. “It relies heavily on personal leadership. We cannot depend on other people in our organizations to create the foundation for inclusivity; we must be an integral part of that foundation in our daily actions, decisions and way of being. It is everyone's responsibility to create a more inclusive outdoor industry and world.”

“The outdoor industry has the opportunity to cultivate inclusivity by inspiring people to redevelop their connection to nature,” Miranda added. “We’re ready to see the outdoor industry move beyond ego-driven sports and activities that encourage us to perceive nature as something to conquer. Mind you, I’m a mountaineer and I’ve scaled some of the highest mountains on earth. They are not a place for conquest, but for reverence of their sacredness. When we remember the sacredness of nature, we can remember we are not separate from it. Every single person is a part of nature, not some more than others.”

“I am passionate about cultivating inclusivity and oneness collectively, across all industries and landscapes. The reality is a lot of our modern-day challenges, problems and suffering comes from our loss of interconnection to one another as human beings and our earth. Anything I can do to help be a bridge for humanity and nature is something I will passionately dedicate my time, efforts and energy to,” Miranda shared. 

Tackling Important Trends in the Outdoor Industry

“The outdoor industry is at an inflection point when it comes to diversity, equity, inclusion and access,” said Joel Hartter, Director of the Outdoor Recreation Economy program. “For too long, members of historically marginalized communities have been excluded from having full access to outdoor spaces and to outdoor industry careers. With the launch of the Inclusivity in the Outdoor Recreation Economy certificate, we commit to doing our part to ensure equitable access to the outdoors for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, physical ability, neurodiversity, age or sexual orientation.”

Current and aspiring outdoor industry professionals can complete the Inclusivity in the Outdoor Recreation Economy certificate to advance their outdoor industry careers, pivot into new professional roles, bolster their credentials and be change agents to help nurture a more inclusive industry for all. Students also have the option to complete two additional certificates for a Masters in Outdoor Recreation Economy