Alex Parsons
Admissions Specialist • Program Operations Specialist
Corporate Communication

Alex helps students navigate the Master of Arts in Corporate Communication program by providing administrative assistance, connecting them with resources, support, and addressing general questions and concerns. Additionally, Alex manages the facilitation of Winter Session, which offers accelerated online courses over a 3-week period that occurs during winter break. In a broader sense, she also collaborates with staff and faculty partners across the university system to build frameworks to support the implementation and facilitation of new and existing online programs. 

Alex’s professional career has been varied, and has included roles in community health and wellness as well as in higher education. Prior to her current position, Alex worked to support and advocate for first-year undergraduate communities at the University of Denver. She enjoys working in education, and strongly believes in connecting students with resources that support their overall wellbeing and success. She holds an undergraduate degree in International Studies from the University of Denver.

Alex is a naturally curious and creative person who loves to learn and is always eager to try something new in her free time. While certainly not all encompassing, Alex loves to dance, experiment with pottery, take long walks in the woods, and learn about the interconnections between humans, non-human animals, and the natural world.